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  1. Colby

    Ember Wildde

    Welcome back to Terminus Central!
  2. Colby

    Listening to Dyno Premium playing some dubstep while working on the forums

    Listening to Dyno Premium playing some dubstep while working on the forums
  3. Colby

    To Apply Read Me

    Please use THIS LINK to apply for any positions we have avaliable.
  4. Colby

    The Renegade is Back

    Hello and welcome back Renegade! Make sure to join the discord and watch the forums. The Beta Launch date is upon us soon!
  5. Colby


    Anytime, and once the server comes up please make sure you put in suggestions and bug reports so we can make the server >EVEN BETTER<
  6. Colby

    Back to the old grind!

  7. Colby


    Welcome! I too am in IT. I run my own IT Consulting company. Loads of fun!
  8. Colby

    the biggest boss' introduction

    Nice, welcome back! hope to see you on the server once it comes up!
  9. Colby

    Captain Penguin's Introduction

    Welcome back, hopefully together we can all make new memories and help Terminus grow to even better than it was before!
  10. Colby

    Toa Metru's Introduction!

    Welcome back Toa! I hope to see you ingame!
  11. Colby

    Spike's Introduction

    Love this guy (y)
  12. Colby

    SlyThePug's Introduction.

    Welcome back! Glad to see you here!
  13. Colby

    Colby's Introduction

    Hey guys, Colby here again. Im here to bring back Terminus to its glory. I have spent the past year building up resources and a good team to help code and bring back up Terminus SCP-RP. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 32 years old, I run my own IT Consulting company, a Bar, and a...