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  1. Fokweekwee

    Ryan's Introduction

    Glad to have you on the team my friend!
  2. Fokweekwee

    Mr.snipeywolf Introduction

    short,sweet, and to the point. Glad to have you back!
  3. Fokweekwee

    toto - africa

    Nice to see you around! ~Peace :)
  4. Fokweekwee

    Ember Wildde

    Glad to see you here!
  5. Fokweekwee

    Terminus Central has been a ride, but it's gonna be all worth it.

    Terminus Central has been a ride, but it's gonna be all worth it.
  6. Fokweekwee

    GalaxyTM => Spoobs

    - support bad at league
  7. Fokweekwee

    GalaxyTM => Spoobs

    How was ur birthday? I hope it was great. Thanks for sticking around!
  8. Fokweekwee

    The Renegade is Back

    Make sure you stay updated with everything on the forums and discord because information is mainly announced in those two locations. Welcome back, Renegade!
  9. Fokweekwee

    Fokweekwee's Intro

    im just kidddddinnnnnnng Chill bro!!
  10. Fokweekwee

    THE ONE, THE ONLY!!!!!

    Best Day Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  11. Fokweekwee

    Back to the old grind!

    OneCone isn't here so nobody will back up the korean rp. Anyways welcome back
  12. Fokweekwee


    Welcome back buddy!
  13. Fokweekwee

    Fokweekwee's Intro

    look at ur signature and tell me my intro is cringe..
  14. Fokweekwee

    Splish splash

    nice to see you back!
  15. Fokweekwee

    Water is Not Wet

  16. Fokweekwee

    Sum Feg Named Magnum

    ur pretty ;)
  17. Fokweekwee

    Captain Penguin's Introduction

    yucky sushy
  18. Fokweekwee

    Fokweekwee's Intro

    Welcome, everyone! My name is Nathan and I have been a part of Terminus since the start of it in early 2015. Due to the corruption of many, the community split and practically cease to exist, Colby, Myself, and other members of the staff team now have been working very hard for the past month...
  19. Fokweekwee

    the biggest boss' introduction

    Glad to see your commitment!
  20. Fokweekwee

    Toa Metru's Introduction!

    Epic, simply epic