Toa Metru's Introduction!

Toa Metru

New member
Aug 12, 2018
United States
I'm Toa.

Aspiring paleontologist, animal connoisseur, friendly neighborhood wisecracker, and by all means an idiot.

I've been a fan of SCP for many years, which was the main factor that took me to the GMod SCP community. I played on the original Terminus Serious SCPRP server, but never really involved myself much in the community / forums aspect. I'd pretty much just be in-game and be one of those background characters that didn't speak. When Terminus originally went splat, I dug far underground and would involve myself in other activities such as gold mining and covertly taking down governments. Just kidding, I eat farts.

I could pour my heart out more but I just wanna play some SCPRP lol

Funny Orca picture for widescreen2.jpg
Me protecting the border. ^