toto - africa


New member
Aug 28, 2018
Hey, everyone. My name's mars. I didn't really get a chance to introduce myself in the Discord last night due to my power going out, so here I am.

I got referred here by Kestrel and I heard that Terminus is starting back up again and I decided to check in. So far, I'm liking the look of things and I hope this succeeds. I'm mostly interested in the conceptualized Serious SCPRP server, but I'm also looking forward to checking out the rest of the servers (especially HL2RP).

I was a moderator for Serious SCPRP during the incident and I did enjoy the feel of the community. Ever since then, I've been involved in multiple roleplaying communities and have even ran a few servers, taking a spot as community executive in the majority of them. I've taken a pretty big break in the whole roleplaying thing considering there really aren't any good SCPRP servers and most HL2RP servers feel the same, but I'm here hoping that Terminus is going to bring in some genuine servers within the Gmod pool.

Just a few things about me: I love the supernatural, astronomy, and I actually write SCPs on the official wiki (some are SCP-3527, SCP-3826, and SCP-3534). Nothing else really matters.

See y'all around.